Optogate PB-05

The PB-05 is inserted between a microphone and the xlr mic cable. It's equipped with an infrared sensor. The PB-05 senses if someone is in front of the microphone and will switch on the microphone. The microphone will be switched off automatically if no one is in front of it. The distance can be adjusted between 2 inches and 4 feet with the help of the trim pot and a small screwdriver. The singer will see a red status LED indicating that the microphone is switched on. The PB-05 is powered by 48 Volt phantom power from the mixing console. Condenser or Dynamic microphones can be used with the PB-05M and PB-05D. On these two units a small push button on the top allows the user to toggle between "Mic always On" and "Optogate Enable".



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