Television events

Our mastery of stage production is backed by an outstanding selection of equipment that will bring out all your creativity. Lights, camera, action!
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For 30 years now, Omnison has been using its knowledge, experience and passion to make artists from here and abroad shine. The production of live and recorded television shows and concerts leaves little room for error. From lighting and audio to stage design and logistics, a successful show requires a perfect production the first time around. Count on us to create a one-of-a-kind experience that will dazzle performers and their audiences.

Omnison is:

  • Everything you need to succeed, from management to design, all served by state-of-the-art technologies.
  • A full range of audiovisual rental equipment for all types of programming, including backline, rigging and video production.
  • Proven expertise in staging, whether one scene or multiple scenes at a time.
  • An understanding of and attention to the specific needs of artists.

Services offered for television event production


Omnison offers lighting solutions that will enhance any type of performance and provide an immersive experience for all your audiences. Our state-of-the-art equipment is extremely versatile, and our technicians know how to set up a system that rocks every time. From spectacular sound and lighting to dazzling special effects, Omnison’s signature high-end lighting ensures that your broadcast is the best it can be.


With a full range of state-of-the-art audio equipment and a team of top-notch technicians, Omnison ensures the best sound quality on the market. We can create custom audio systems for any size cast and any type of program, so the entire audience can enjoy full, crystal clear sound.


If the event is meant to be the main attraction, video adds an extra dimension that can transform a stage, studio or outdoor performance.  With the latest recording, processing and projection technologies at hand, Omnison offers turnkey service, from live or recorded video production to big screen projection, content creation and more.

Set decor – Fabrication and Integration

Working with designers and art directors, among others, we build custom sets for television and theater, while respecting technical imperatives. From sourcing set elements to creating an entire film set, we know how to maximize the visual and technological potential of your concepts to stage your vision with distinction and expertise.


We have a proven track record: Omnison has extensive experience in providing guidance, with teams of experienced designers and technicians who will add value to your creative vision. We’ll work with you to find or create the components you need, plus make sure they fit with other elements and systems.

Scene and Curtains

With decades of experience, Omnison knows how to design beautiful, functional stages and studios that make a statement. Seasoned in every detail of stage challenges, our team has the passion and know-how to execute any design, from intimate stages to large-scale creations.

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