About us

Expertise and experience are the key to success

It takes passion to be at the heart of innovation and the highlight of the show for 30 years.

A true benchmark in the field, Omnison brings together high-caliber professionals who love to challenge and collaborate and enjoy working closely with our diverse clients: event planners, entertainment producers, sports organizers, corporate executives, artistic directors, and more.

Our vision is collaborative and focused on achieving your ambitions.

To all of them, we offer an expert and turnkey service at all stages of production and design, respecting their vision and budget, regardless of the type of event:

  • tours
  • concerts
  • special events
  • theatrical plays
  • sports events
  • conventions
  • press conferences
  • product launches
  • big openings
  • and more!

In addition to offering optimal service guided by the standards of efficiency and quality that have made our reputation, Omnison remains on the cutting edge of technology and offers you one of the largest inventories of audiovisual equipment from recognized manufacturers and brands. To bring your dreams to life, why settle for anything less than the ultimate sound and picture experience?