My Method CLONE lamp

My Method CLONE lamp

Clone is available in sets of 6 x CLONE lamps and 1 x 6ch dedicated dimmer.

CLONE can operate as an independent unit or be connected in groups using the connection system we have developed. It does not require any additional accessories or tools. Easy fix connection system enables fast and convenient connection of CLONEs into a complex and individual structure. The frames can be connected on each side, creating endless possibilities in the structure design. A double screw locking system does not require any tools. It is enough to tighten the screws by hand, and they are always in place.

CLONE can operate without the use of structural elements such as truss, pipes, tripods, etc. while cooperating with each of them. It’s universal and suited to the standards used on stage. All mounting holes are 12mm. The structure made this way is very durable. But remember, when connecting our lamps, you should always follow all safety rules and use steel safety lines.


My Method

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