The MDG theONE is a revolutionary dual-mode digital atmosphere generator. Its simple and efficient multi-level user interface, accessible from the backlit LCD screen, allows for seamless, step-by-step switching between modes using various network protocols, DMX-512-A USITT and RDM ANSI E1.20. Each parameter is set in specific presets, but advanced users can access and reset them.

The MDG theONE's networking capability allows the user to install the generator as part of an existing network. The generator pumps its fluid from its 20 l (5.28 US gal) container into a pressurized tank. The two interconnected 9 kg (20 lb) CO2 (or N2) cylinders are placed in separate cradles on the standard universal rolling rack for easy storage and transport.

The universal 100~250V, 50/60Hz power supply, two anchor points and half couplers provided make the MDG theONE particularly suitable for ready-to-use travel conditions (indoor or outdoor use with shelter).



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