MDG MAX 3000

MDG MAX 3000

The MDG MAX and ATMOSPHERE series and their H.O. / TOURING versions have been designed with safety and reliability in mind. They are able to generate a pure white fog or mist for as long as you want (100% duty cycle). These generators are also equipped, as standard, with the automatic purge system (APSTM). This system purges the heating module(s) after the first heating cycle and after each fog emission, thus preventing residue build-up and clogging.

The MDG MAX and MAX H.O. / TOURING series are variable output fog generators capable of generating large volumes of very dense fog in a short period of time. They are among the quietest units on the market.

The MDG ATMOSPHERE and ATMOSPHERE H.O. / TOURING series are non-stop fog generators capable of creating a very fine and almost invisible fog. They strongly emphasize the laser and light beams. They are also equipped with a variable output.



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