Global Truss – Trusses and sections

Available sizes

Straight section

  • Truss Global Truss 0.5M 0.75M 1.0M 1.5M 2 .0M 2.5M 3.0M
  • Corner 2 faces Global Truss SQ-4121
  • Corner 3 faces Global Truss SQ-4126
  • Cube 6 faces Global Truss
  • Truss Global truss 2 WAY 45 DEGREE CORNER
  • Truss Global Truss Black 0.75M 1.0M 2.0M 2.5 M 3.0M
  • Black cube 6 Faces Global Truss with Btle

Curved section

  • Roond Truss Global Truss 5.0M ¼


Global Truss

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